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How to use CCcam / OScam

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How to use CCcam / OScam

/ July 5, 2022

When you buy CCcam / OScam from us , the delivery is instant .
Test line is available for 48 hours after delivery .
The C-Line or OScam Reader config is inserted in specific receivers that have this option available.
You can find out about what receiver you need at the post below.
You need a satellite dish connected to a receiver able to support CCcam or OScam.
The receiver needs to be connected to internet via cable but the internet speed does not need to be high .
Once the CCcam line or OScam Reader Config is inserted in the receiver , the channels will be seen with no interruptions .


We Recommend using OScam instead of CCcam if possible because you can get more channels and more stable .


We recommend always using the latest update of either CCcam or OScam , those updates are available to download in our website , along with instructions .

If you already have C-Lines , you can convert them by replacing the host port username and password like below .

This is how you do it

( How to use CCcam / OScam )


1. Connect WinSCP

2. FTP > etc /  tuxbox / config /

in config you will see many files but you only need 2 of them




edit oscam.server and put these lines including your own cline.


label                         = CCcam1
protocol                      = cccam
device                        = ABC123.COM,12345  (ADD YOUR SERVER LINK, & PORT
user                          = 123456      (USER NAME CLINE)
password                      = 123456   (PASSWORD FROM CLINE
inactivitytimeout             = 5
group                         = 2
disablecrccws                 = 1
cccversion                    = 2.2.1
cccwantemu                    = 1
disablecrccws                  = 1

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