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How to install OScam on BlackHole

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How to install OScam on BlackHole

/ July 5, 2022

How to install OScam on BlackHole

First you will need a software to connect to your receiver like WINSCP which can be downloaded here :
Launch WINSCP.
File protocol: FTP.
Hot name: 192.168.1.xx (ip address of your receiver) you can find the ip of your receiver in the network settings in your receiver menu .
User name: root.
Password: “empty” by default the root password in BlackHole is empty (no password).
Then click Login.
After this you will need OScam latest ipk which can be downloaded here : https://2short.pro/KyCCf .
Select the ipk file and drag between the two windows to the /tmp folder.
Press Green button to launch Black Hole Green Pannel.
Next press the yellow button on the remote.
Choose Manually install ipk package.
Choose the ipk and press OK.
Choose YES.
Press OK to complete the installation, the GUI will restart, it will take a few seconds.


After restarting your receiver , press the blue button and go to Softcam menu
After opening Softcam menu choose the oscam emu installed before .

The second part is to install the received lines in your receiver which will be included in the other tutorial below .

Get OScam.conf

Download OpenBH (BlackHole)

You will need to reflash your box for this update, however you can use the settings backup option in OpenBh 4.4 to create a backup of your most important files, and then restore this in OpenBh 5.0, but please note that not all of your plugins will automatically be reinstalled, there are some that you might have to reinstall manually (nothing we can do about this I am afraid) and as OpenBh 5.0 is Python 3 based not all plugins will be compatible and may need updating by the plugin authors (please ask them to do that if required, we will not fix 3rd party plugins).

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